Motorola to finally reveal its Android phones?

Reports from Motorola have triggered speculation that the company is finally about to showcase a range of new mobile phones based upon the Android operating system.


News and reports regarding the ongoing developments of the Android series of handsets from Motorola have been rife over the past several months but none of the rumoured and previewed designs have actually been released onto the market as yet.


Now Motorola has organized a show, in San Francisco, USA that will throw open its doors on September 10th that many believe will form the backdrop to a series of Android-related phone launches, according to the Engadget website.


Examples may include the Motorola Morrison and the Motorola Scholes mobiles.


Observes also wonder if the company will announce the Blur interface that will be able to upgrade different sections of the OS and interface over the air. Similarly, the interface will include a 'key' for all email, passwords and social networking accounts. Observers say that the key will allow push content to be delivered to the device directly from the Internet.


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