Windows 6.5 - more multi-touch evidence

More evidence has been gathered to bolster the assertion that Windows Mobile 6.5 is moving towards a multi-touch interface and that the forthcoming Windows 7 operating system is to be targeted as part of a high-end package.


Those waiting for the release of the Windows Mobile 6.5 OS will be intrigued at the recent leaks of the ROM module that will be utilised within the new HTC Leo mobile phone along with its accompanying TouchFlo 3D 2.6 interface. The phone, which is based on Microsoft's new OS, does away with the stylus and integrates both multi-touch and a capacitive screen. The DigiTimes website, in addition, is reporting that Taiwanese handset manufacturers are expecting to get their hands on a "touch interface" version of Windows Mobile 6.5 by February 2010.


The same source repeats the earlier claim that Windows 7 will be launched to run concurrently with version 6.5, leaving the latter to tackle the Android market while the former battles the high-flying iPhone sector.


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