Window Phone ideal for weather forecasting

Yanko Designs has released a new concept phone (adding to recent designs from the likes of Nokia and Pilotfish) that might pave the way for future designs.


Known as the Window Phone, the new concept was created, initially, because the designer, Seunghan Song, was fed up with his local weather forcasting service, "...the weather bureau of my hometown is often sniggered at, for their in-accurate predictions," he said. "When they say it will rain (like they predicted a couple of days ago) you can be sure it will be bright and sunny. I would like to gift them this Window Phone, that makes accurate predictions and even changes its display to reflect the climatic conditions outdoors."


The entire phone is formed from a large touchscreen with no buttons of any kind on the chassis. Hence, because of the lack of a keypad, phone numbers and messages are written onto the phone itself. To initiate the handwriting interface, you just blow onto the handset.


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