Why the iPhone camera ain't so bad

Sure, the iPhone packs a dinky old two-meg lens and any photo geek worth his variable apertures will slag off its ability to grab those high res landscapes.


But it turns out the iPhone (normal, 3G and 3GS) is tied for most popular camera on Flickr, neck and neck with Canon's Digital Rebel XTi. Unsurprisingly really, when you consider that something in the region of 20 million iPhones have been sold and we bet those 20 million Apple fanboys are more likely to have their phones on them, like, all the time, than your average DSLR-toting Joe might lug his snapper about.


Then of course you've got all the value-added extras that handsets can offer - on-phone editing, GPS apps and one click access to Flickr and photo-blogs like Vox, Picasa and Facebook.


Just goes to show, when we sit around compiling the Best Cameraphone shortlist for our Consumer Awards on October, we'd better be thinking about convenience, geo-tagging and photo-sharing just as much as megapixels.

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