Sony Ericsson executive shake up

Sony Ericsson has announced the posting of a new President and a new Chairman of the Board in order to get the company back onto track.


Sony Ericsson has been guilty, in recent times, of a lack of focus in the design of its mobile phones (we still await word on the new Xperia mobile phones), failing to track industry trends and, consequently, losing money hand over fist (down over 40% over the past year). The company had to do something or the current 4.7% market share threatened to shrink even further. The solution? Get rid of both the President and the Chairman. In comes Ericsson insider, Bert Nordberg as President and Sony man, Sir Howard Stringer, as the new Chairman.


Nordberg admitted, to the Electric Pig website, that, "Sony Ericsson has taken the lead in music phones and camera phones with the Cybershot and the Walkman but there are some weaknesses in the smartphone segment and we need to restore that."


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