Samsung i7500 Galaxy - UK launch this week

The Samsung i7500 Galaxy is due to be released into the UK during this week and will initially be sold via O2.


Already for sale in Europe, specifically via France, the Samsung i7500 Galaxy is reportedly about to be launched into the UK market via O2. So why did France get the jump on the UK for this new design? Apparently, the delay was because it, "...failed to pass O2's handset accreditation process." What this means, exactly, is unknown at the moment. Whatever the problem was, however, it's been fixed, according to the RegHardware website.


The latest Samsung release features HSDPA connectivity for fast data transfer, Wi-Fi for wireless Internet connection, GPS for location finding, a 5-megapixel camera that also includes autofocus. Internal memory is supplied with a generous 8GB of RAM - useful for more music, videos and images - while the external screen spans a healthy 3.2in. Specified as a high quality AMOLED touchscreen, the surface also has a capacitive display. The screen packs in 16 million colours and 320 x 480 pixels.


No price has yet been announced.


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