Huawei Android phone for T-Mobile?

Rumours abound that Huawei is about to ship one of its, Android-based, mobile phones to T-Mobile, who will re-brand it and sell it into the UK market to accompany the G1 and G2 handsets.


The new handset, to be known as the T-Mobile Pulse, is actually the Huawei 8220. There were stories that a similar agreement between the two companies had been arranged a few months ago but that was based on a different handset - the 8230 - which was never finalised.


The new phone, which is reportedly due for release in the third quarter of this year, has just past testing for its Wi-Fi certificate, according to the Cell Passion website.


A feature list for the new handset is sparse but the phone is said to feature a 3.5in touchscreen display, Wi-Fi for wireless connections to the Internet, Bluetooth to connect wireless accessories such as a headset, 256MB of internal RAM which is expandable to 16GB plus a built in camera which is specified to a reasonable 3-megapixels.


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