News from the East: Samsung Omnia HD upgrade

Samsung has announced that it will be upgrading the Omnia HD mobile phone with a more powerful processor.


The Omnia HD i8910 mobile phone has been announced for launch into the Indian market. However, Samsung has decided not to merely replicate the model found over here, in the UK (in particular via Orange, where the phone is available on a variety of contract types). The company has, instead, decided to upgrade the guts of the handset by increasing its power. The new version of the Omnia HD will feature a processor running at a nippy 1Ghz, up from the standard 600Mhz unit, according to the Samsung Hub website.


The question is - will the processor upgrade remain an Eastern fixation or will Samsung decide to upgrade the European version of the Omnia to feature the more powerful CPU? We'll be sure to let you know when we receive any news.


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