Colour therapy lamp is Bluetooth compatible

Modula is about to release a new lamp that has the ability to change colour and can be controlled via a mobile phone's Bluetooth facility.


The company declared that, "Different activities require different types of lighting. Proper lighting is important to achieve top productivity, concentration or to stimulate creativity. Green forests or blue oceans for relaxation, red and orange fires for creativity and romantics, yellow flowers for attention."


The lamp is constructed from a mixture of high efficacy (900 lumens with a full light output of 1100 lumens) white LEDs from Philips known as Luxeon Rebel that enables the lamp to provide a strong light output. Colour is added and controlled with the use of 36, high quality, RGB (multicolour) LEDs from Avago Technologies, according to the company.

Measuring 330 x 330 x 12mm, the 22W lamp can also be controlled via a computer.


It is available now on pre-order for €199.


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