Will Microsoft Office appear on Nokia phones?

Microsoft and Nokia are due to make a joint announcement today - possibly relating to Microsoft's Office suite.


Something's up in the state of Denmark...well, Finland, actually. Microsoft and Nokia, two busy companies (Microsoft has just demoed its Mobile 6.5 OS and Nokia has just released its 5530 handset) which are not known for cuddling up to each other, have revealed that they are to make a joint announcement later today. The press conference will be headed by Stephen Elop, President of Microsoft Business Division, and Kai Öistämö, Executive Vice President for Nokia Devices, according to the Intomobile website.


What the announcement relates to is somewhat of a mystery, at the moment. However, there is speculation that the companies may be about to announce that the popular Microsoft Office suite of programs is to be made available for use on Nokia's mobile phones. Of course, it might be something else - a new gadget perhaps or a new service? We will see later today.


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