Windows Mobile 6.5 - latest version demoed

The latest version of Windows Mobile 6.5 has appeared and has been demoed revealing new features and tweaked versions of current features.


Known as Build 23022, the latest version of the much anticipated Windows Mobile 6.5 operating system from Microsoft has appeared on the xda-developers forum.


The new features include a magnifier - of the sort that is currently used on the iPhone - that will allow users to control the cursor more effectively, according to the WM Poweruser website. Other changes include the removal of the OK/close button from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen.


The tweaks for the new operating system include a modification that appears to give greater emphasis towards capacitive screens. That is, screens that do not require a stylus.

Some oberservers have even suggested that the demoed version is not, in fact, Windows Mobile 6.5 but version 6.5.1 or even version 6.7.


Click to read the WM Poweruser story

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