Blackberry 9700 seen in the wild

Already rumoured on the Internet (along with the Storm 2) and featured here in late July, the Blackberry 9700 has now been spotted in the wild - at an airport, actually.


The Crackberry website managed to grab a few minutes with the new mobile and declared, when compared to the early 9700 prototype, that, "It felt different in the hand compared to my early model - this unit felt very sturdy (production ready?)." The quick hands-on review also revealed that the chassis features a trackpad instead of a trackball. You also get a leather back on the rear of the battery door.


To recap, the new 9700 has been designed as a Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE phone, will include HSDPA along with wireless Internet connections via Wi-Fi. The screen will pack in 480 x 360 pixels and will sit alongside a QWERTY keyboard. Expect to find a built in camera too.


No release or price details are available.


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