Motorola working on web-connected Android interface?

Motorola is reportedly working on a new interface for Android, to be known as Blur.


Android is becoming increasingly popular amongst mobile phone producers. Similarly popular is how each Android adoptee has been busy producing its own interface or skin that lies on top of the core interface. HTC, for example, has implemented its own interface, Sense, very successfully, on the new HTC Hero.


Now Motorola is getting in on the act with its proposed Blur interface that will be Web-connected and may appear on the forthcoming Morrison phone. According to the BGR website, all Blur Android devices will be able to upgrade different sections of the OS and interface over the air. Similarly, the interface will include a 'key' for all email, passwords and social networking accounts. Observers say that the key will allow push content to be delivered to the device directly from the Internet.


No release dates have yet been mooted for Blur.


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