Toshiba working on fuel cell charger

Toshiba is busy developing a range of new and enhanced technologies such as Direct Methanol fuel cell charger and a large, 64GB, memory card.


The Japanese company said that the new battery charger development (one of many chargining alternatives currently under development - Nokia's research being a notable example) should be launched within two months. The DMFC will be portable and will be able to be used with any portable gadget, in addition to a mobile phone, such as an MP3 player or a games console. Simply plug the gadget into the charger instead of plugging it into a wall socket.


According to the Network World website, a DMFC battery produces electricity from a reaction between methanol, water and air. Creating such a cell produces a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide. Hence, DMFCs are more environmentally friendly than traditional batteries. The charger can also be quickly fitted with a new methanol cartridge, providing a power boost.


The new memory card, which will compete with Pretec's new development, will be available to buy during spring 2010 and will also arrive in 16GB and 32GB flavours.


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