RIM patents hybrid touch displays

RIM has just filed a patent with the US Patent & Trademark Office for 'hybrid touch displays'.


Bear with us, because it gets geeky - the displays will somehow be both capacitive like the iPhone's (responding to electric impulses such as those emitted by a finger) or resistive like most Windows phones (responding to pressure).


According to Mobile Review, which ferreted out the info from the Patents Office itself, all this will entail is that the resulting touch-screen would actually consists of two layers - one resistive screen, one capacitive - so that it would respond to both pressure and electrical impulse.

What advantage this would have, we're not sure, as the really good capacitive touch-screens work almost perfectly, though it would mean you'd be able to use a stylus as well as a finger.


But it seems like RIM, which has only released one touch-screen device, the Storm 9500, is looking to get further into the touch phone game, and beyond the recently leaked Storm 2 too.

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