Nokia E72 pre-reviewed

Mobile Review have got the goods on a very, very early model of the Nokia E72, and all signs point to excellent. Announced back in June, the E72 is the follow-up to the cult favourite E71, a top notch business smartphone with oodles of consumer appeal too.


Though the E72 expands on the E71 with the desktop-like Nokia Messaging app (debuted in the recently launched email-friendly E75), optical nav key, plus a five meg snapper and 3.5mm audio jack, its QWERTY keypad seems to be based on the lower-rent E63.


It's still a master at anything office however, with its Quickoffice doc/spreadsheet editing software updated to be compatible with MS Offic 2007.


To check out the Google-translated Russian review, try this. They seem to like it, bar that optical nav key.


Expected Europe launch in late Q3, at EUR350.

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