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Mobile Choice thinks we may have just seen the future. We've just been privy to an exclusive demo of a new device called the Powermat. The said device enables up to four mobile phones to be charged at any one time without the need for plugging them in. Simply place them on the Powermat (which granted is plugged in itself) and watch your juice levels gets topped up. Although the impressively svelte mat is customised for the iPhone and BlackBerry devices, customers can also purchase the Powermat Powercube which comes with a host of tips that enables you to connect other handsets from the likes of Sony Ericsson, LG, Nokia and Samsung via mini USB. Could this really be the end of each handset having it's own unique charger?


Place a handset on the magnetic mat and a light will switch on indicating that it is charging. Once the device is fully charged, the light will switch off and that particular docking area will switch into standby mode, thus saving you on electricity. There's even a portable version that folds up neatly into a box. The Powermat will be available for £69.99 from the first week of October, while the portable version will cost you £79.99. The Powercube including eight tips will cost you £29.99.


See our exclusive video of the Powermat in action below.


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