Apple to release 8GB iPhone 3G S?

Reports have reached us that Apple is about to release a 8GB version of its latest iPhone, the 3G S.


According to the BGR website, leaked reports have revealed that Apple is about to launch a cut-down 3G S - but only in terms of memory capacity. The company is apparently about to launch a 8GB version of its new 3G S iPhone which will replace the current 8GB 3G model. Observers have said that the company has been waiting for stocks of its 8GB 3G handset to run down before it launched the modified 3G S. Of course, the principle benefit to users in the UK will be much lower prices - which have yet to be revealed.


To recap, if you're looking to purchase a 16GB iPhone 3G S, O2 will charge you from £185 on an 18 month contract at £30 per month, to free on a £73, 18 month contract. Go for the two year contract and you're looking at £175 for the handset and £35 per month (the lowest tariff at this contract length), and again, free on the £73 per month contract.


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