Motorola to launch new Windows phone?

Motorola appears to be on the verge of releasing a new phone based on Windows Mobile.


It's been some time since Motorola announced a mobile phone that incorporated the Windows Mobile operating system. The company has been concentrating upon its forthcoming handsets that feature the Android operating system instead (such as the forthcoming Morrision and Calgary). However, a new mobile might just be on the way which keeps the company's big toe in the Microsoft waters, according to the BGR website.


To be known as the A3300, the new design incorporates a Windows key just below its touchscreen display. Other specifications are unknown, at the moment, apart from the fact the new chassis will hold a built in camera that will reach the very respectable specification of 5-megapixels. The rear of the chassis also appears to hold a LED flash.


Distribution is unknown at the moment as is any projected price or release date.


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