3 working on Mobile Wi-Fi

A new piece of kit from operator 3 is set to make Wi-Fi literally mobile. After purchasing the device which measures just 86 x 45 x 10mm, customers will be able to connect a Wi-Fi enabled device as long as they are able to receive 3's 3G coverage. It means there's no need for a fixed-line or any additional wires or USB connection. 3 is calling the service MiFi and it looks set to revolutionise the way people browse the internet while on the move. No software installation is needed, with multiple devices able to be hooked up at any one time. The signal will automatically be picked up by any Wi-Fi device before being prompted to enter an eight-digit network key to prevent every Tom, Dick and Harry jumping onto your connection.


3's Mobile Wi-Fi will be out in time for Christmas of this year, although there's no word of pricing as of yet.

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