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With the recent launch of the best Android phone yet, the HTC Hero, we figured the time was ripe to dive into the Android Marketplace and source the absolute top apps for anyone in on the worst kept secret of the week - Android phones are awesome.



The geek has arrived. Use GPS to remind yourself what you need to do, when you pass the place you need to do it. Simply set an alarm and link it a point on Google Maps - for example, 'pick up milk' could buzz when you pass the corner shop downstairs. You can even snooze the alarm once the reminder has entered your consciousness.



Aren't kaleidoscopes awesome? Symmetricam turns that snapper on your Android into one, by reflecting images in half or quarters for some truly cool geometric shots (see below).



Qype Radar

Location-based social recommendation site with hundreds of bars, restaurants, shops and landmarks, all user-reviewed and updated by the minute. Search for "sushi restaurant" and Qype will throw out a list of nearby restaurants, rated by other Qypers. You can also post your mini-reviews of places you've been or are at.



Here I Am

Send an SMS/email with the precise coordinates of where you are to a searching friend. If you're sending it to iPhone and other Android phone owners, you can also send a link on Google Maps, which can then be used as an endpoint for walking or driving directions.




Watch a lot of TV and movies on your computer? VLC player is the media player of choice amongst geeks that know, and the VLCMote app turns your Android phone into a remote. For VLC version 0.9x or higher.


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