Microsoft confirms the introduction of OS multi-touch

Microsoft has confirmed that it will be introducing a multi-touch facility into its operating system, starting with Windows 7 and that, when Windows 7 is released, it will run alongside version 6.5.


Talking to The Inquirer website, Microsoft recognised that the lack of multi-touch in the current and new version of Windows Mobile, 6.5, is a problem. In fact, when compared to the market leaders, this one missing element does give the Microsoft operating system an old fashioned hue. However, the facility will be included within Windows 7, apparently.


A Microsoft spokeman said, rather excitedly, that, "... the software we put in can exploit the hardware, introduce multi-touch and the whole new range of experiences exploiting multitasking capabilities of Windows.... Any of the experiences you see on some of our competitor devices today will be knocked in the different realm."


Aditionally, Microsoft confirmed that version 6.5 of the OS will co-exist with Windows 7. The latter is destined to be targeted at high-end phones with the former positioned towards lower specified mobiles.


Click to read The Inquirer story and watch the accompanying video interview



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