Vodafone rewards pay as you go customers

03 Aug 2009Last updated at 10:05 GMT
Vodafone rewards pay as you go customers
Customers to be given extra 10% each time they top up

A new scheme called the Vodafone Bonus Bank will reward prepay customers every time they top up their phone. For example, for every £10 someone tops up by, Vodafone will place an extra £1 into a savings account. However, customers will only be able to spend this 'bonus' after three months and as long as they've saved a minimum of £5.


Customers will then be able to decide whether to spend their savings on topping up their phone, or putting it towards a new handset.


Any Vodafone prepay customer can sign up to the scheme by simply texting the word "BonusBank" to 2345, or alternatively by calling the same number or visiting www.vodafone.co.uk/bonusbank.

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