Samsung Galaxy 'Lite' revealed

A new mobile phone from Samsung has been spotted which may be powered by the Android operating system. To be known as the Galaxy Lite i5700 (and derived from the i7500 - which is, itself, on sale in Europe), the new design has just completed Wi-Fi specification testing which gives away one important feature. Other features are unknown for now. However, because the phone is labeled as 'Lite' is is to be assumed that the new design will drop a number of top features, according to the Samsung Hub website.


One of the features that is likely to be dropped is the 3G facility. This will allow the price of the new phone to be lowered and, in addition, will give Samsung a useful design to introduce into emerging markets.


A final release date has yet to be revealed and the final price has yet to be mooted. No UK information has been announced as yet.


Click to read the Samsung Hub website

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