Recycling phones to help gorillas

According to Fauna & Flora International (FFI) 90 million phones are lying unused around the UK. As such the charity is encouraging the public to recycle them by sending them directly to them. The handsets themselves can be reconditioned and made available to people from developing countries, while FFI also hopes the scheme will reduce the amount of mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo for the metal 'coltan'. Coltan is used in the making of mobile phones and many of the mining camps in the Congo leads to excessive damage to the environment and wildlife in the area. FFI is pledging to use what money they make from the recycled phones to help protect the gorillas in the region as well as other local wildlife.


FFI is keen to stress that it doesn't matter how old the handset is, every one can make a difference. All unwanted handsets can be sent into FFI via freepost or alternatively they will come and collect them.


To find out more about FFI and how to send your phones to them, visit

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