LG announces one for the ladies

LG has announced a new clamshell mobile phone that will be of particular interest to the female fraternity, sitting alongside the recently announced Samsung Ultra S S7350 Elegant Edition and pink LG Arena.


To be known as the KG376, the new handset arrives in a stylish purple, gold and red livery which also includes a fine graphical addition to the chassis that consists of flowers and twisting stems in red that compliments the pebble-like nature of the design itself. Indicator lights have also been built in that flash when a call has arrived.


Features and facilities are a little hard to come by, at present. However, what is know is that the screen arrives in a QVGA resolution whilst entertainment is provided for by the addition of FM radio, according to the Phones Technology Blog.


Spanning 85.9 x 45 x 19. 8mm, the new LG phone weighs just 73g. No release dates of price details have been provided for as yet.


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