Nokia N97 Mini pictures leaked?

The Nokia N97 Mini has (possibly) been pictured next to its standard sized brother.


'Possibly', that is, because we can't be sure that this new phone is, in fact a fake. Caution is necessary, for the moment. However, if the new phone is the real thing then we can plainly see how much smaller and thinner it is than the standard version. It's also visible that the Mini does not have a cover for the camera position.


To recap on our earlier coverage - there has been no speculation if the new phone will arrive with the Ovi Store integrated within the internal software, as it is on the N97. Yet, observers have already speculated that such a design would retain its touch-screen facility as well as featuring a QWERTY keyboard. However, depending on just how small the rumoured design actually is - such a keyboard could be a little cramped.


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