LG Chocolate BL40: Official pics and specs

It had been spotted in the wild, but now we have official confirmation of the LG Chocolate BL40, complete with eye-watering pics. We're quite taken with the humungous four-inch display which LG claims will have an 800x345 pixel resolution, while the screen itself is high definition LCD. The fact that the screen is so wide LG is keen to stress that it will make reading a web page in its entirety far easier. What's more a Dual Screen UI means you'll be able to upload two web pages at any one time. The new LG Chocolate also houses a five-megapixel camera and despite its giant screen, the images suggest the phone will have slim line credentials.


The LG Chocolate BL40 will begin shipping in Q3 of this year, though no pricing information has yet been made available.

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