New Blackberry handset revealed

Details of a new mobile phone from Blackberry, the 9700, have been leaked onto the Internet. However, there is no accompanying image to drool over.


Designed as a Quad-band GSM / GPRS / EDGE phone, the new Blackberry will be able to handle fast data transfers as it will include HSDPA along with wireless Internet connections via Wi-Fi. The screen will pack in 480 x 360 pixels and will sit alongside a QWERTY keyboard. Expect to find a built in camera too. The likely specification for this feature will be 3.2-megapixels. Bluetooth is also expected to be included to attach accessories wirelessly such as a headset, according to the BGR website.


Nothing else is known about the phone. However, the high number, 9000-series, label will mean that it will sit alongside phones such as the Storm and the forthcoming Niagara handsets. No release dates have been mooted.


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