Nokia to revamp mobile names?

Nokia is reported to be about to rename a large swath of its range of mobile phones in an effort to simplify labeling and to make each phone more immediately recognizable in terms of its use and the facilities it offers.


Rumblings of the forthcoming name changes have been discussed by many obersevers for some time: in fact, as soon as it was realized that Nokia was registering two sets of trademarks - the C-Series and the X-Series. Announcements for the forthcoming changes are expected to appear during the Nokia World 2009 show, in September.


Reports say that each Series label will signify a term of use or a minimum suite of facilities. For example, the current E-Series handsets (like the E75) will come equipped with Wi-Fi, a quality e-mail/messaging client, extended synchronization functionality and data encryption while the new X-Series (for phones similar to the 5800?) will have 3.5mm headphone jack, remote controller connectivity, hot-swap memory cards, a radio and more for entertainment.


More details will follow in September.


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