No VAT for charity text donations

Charities of all sizes can now register with HMRC to become exempt from being taxed VAT for every text charity donation. It means every registered organisation will receive an extra 15% (standard rate of VAT) for every donation made via text. Each charity will receive a five-digit SMS text message code that begins with the number 70.


Mobile users will be able to donate up to £10 with each text message, while the move has been welcomed by 3, Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and Vodafone.


Mobile Choice is currently supporting the Terminate the Rate campaign that is being spearheaded by 3 and BT, in an effort to reduce the rate we are charged when calling one operator from another. The petition which will be submitted to Ofcom, closes tomorrow, so if you're in support of reducing the cost in calling other networks, sign up at

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