Pre vs iPhone: the plot thickens

The continuing war between Palm and Apple that has broken out in the iTunes theatre has taken a new turn with Palm taking the initiative.


The subject is the phone's USB. During iTunes syncing, Apple uses the USB port to read the 'Vendor ID number'. In this way, Apple can tell when a piece of non-Apple hardware (such as the Pre) is trying to sync with iTunes. An action which previously shut out the Palm mobile. To get around that, Palm, in its latest 'fix', fooled iTunes, making the software believe that the Pre was, in fact, an iPod. The cheeky devils. But that's not all, now Palm is complaining to the USB Implementers Forum about Apple's moves, stating that the filtering goes against the open nature of the USB port itself, according to the iPhone Blog website.


We can only expect this tussle to get worse. Brace yourself.


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