Think mobile calls should be cheaper?

We wrote last week about the Terminate the Rate campaign for cheaper mobile calls spearheaded by 3 and BT. Now it's coming up to the deadline to sign the petition to Ofcom to lower (or you know, terminate) the rate charged by one operator to another - the rate us consumers pay for when we call another network from our own.


Currently, this 'mobile termination rate' is around 4.7p a minute, which is pretty much the reason calling mobiles on a different network to your own (or indeed, from a landline) is so expensive.


With enough support, Ofcom may lower the rate to as little a 1p, savings that will be passed on to the consumer in the form of far better mobile packages. For example, 3 has suggested tariffs in the line of £35 for all you can eat voice, text and data.


Sign the petition at by Wednesday July 29.

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