Pre?s iTunes syncing ? Palm strikes back

...and the tug of war proceeds. After Apple, which sees the new Palm Pre mobile phone as a significant threat, decided to prevent the Pre from being able to sync with its iTunes utility, by blocking the Pre in its latest iPhone software 'upgrade', Palm has struck back with an 'upgrade' of its own.


The latest edition of its webOS software, version 1.1.0, features a variety of changes, actually, but the most noticeable alteration, as the company declares, "resolves an issue preventing media sync from working with latest version of iTunes (8.2.1)". That response took all of a week, by the way.


According to the Engadget website, there is now support for  emoticons and Exchange with information on a new gesture, swiping left to right to move forward through web pages. Scrolling through lists has speeded up while loading times for Apps has been reduced.


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