Samsung announces new, high-end watchphone

Samsung has announced the forthcoming launch of a new watchphone, the S9110.


Two days ago, we speculated on the news of a new, high-end smartphone that was to be released by Samsung. Given the S9110 moniker, we wondered if the phone would be released soon. We didn't think it would be quite this soon, however, and we certainly didn't expect that the smartphone would, in fact, turn out to be a watchphone – and not just any watchphone but, say reports, the thinnest of its category in the world at just 11.98mm thick, which takes a lead over LG's GD910 watchphone.


Made out of stainless steel with a leather strap, the features of the S9110 include a touch-screen, Bluetooth 2.1, email, voice recognition and a music player. Other features include support for 900 / 1800MHz plus 40MB of internal memory and a 630mAh battery.


The initial release date has yet to be agreed but the first territory to receive the phone will be France at a price of €450.


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