3 leads Terminate the (mobile phone) Rate

Want to pay a flat monthly fee for all you can eat calls, texts and data? 3 and BT are campaigning for just that, via the Terminate the Rate campaign.


Calls to mobiles in the UK are overpriced and it's thanks to what's called a Mobile Termination Rate (MTR) - the fee charged by a mobile operator to carry a call.

When you call a friend on a different mobile network, their operator will charge yours. Same goes for landlines, and currently, that fee is around 4.7p or more a minute. That's why mobile phone calls are charged at around 6p a minute or more.


These MTRs are excessively priced, and 3 and BT are petitioning regulator Ofcom to bring down MTRs to just 1p a minute.


For the consumer, this doesn't mean we'll be seeing mobile rates of 1p a minute... but if 3 has its way, we will be seeing better value call packages like the proposed £35 flat fee per month for all the calls you can make to UK landline and mobile numbers, plus texts and data. This would include 3's existing offer of free Skype and Windows Live Messenger too.


BT would offer a similar flat fee bundle for its landline charges. Current termination rates make this impossible.


The two companies are supported by groups as diverse as Moneysupermarket and Carers UK.


To find out more about the campaign, check out www.terminatetherate.org, where you can sign the petition to Ofcom too.

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