Blackberry Desktop Software for the Mac

A new version of the Blackberry Desktop manager software toolkit is on the way from RIM for Mac users who use any of the current range of Blackberry mobile phones, such as the Bold and Curve handsets and more or the forthcoming ranges such as the Gemini and Onyx.


According to the Official Blackberry Blog, the key features of the software will include the ability to sync your iTunes playlists, calendars, contacts, notes and tasks, you will be able to add/remove applications and update your device when new software becomes available. Backup options will also be present in the new software where you will be able to backup and restore your device data with such features as automatically scheduled backups and optional encryption as well as the ability to manage multiple devices. Apparently, the forthcoming software willl support Mac OS 10.5.5 and above.


For more information just click here to sign up. The site will then email you when the software becomes available.


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