Vertu announces new phone collection

Vertu has announced that it is to release a new series of phones that will be known as the Vertu Carbon Fibre collection, joining the associated Constellation range.


Reports say that the new phones will be hand-made in England and will include "the optimum amount of carbon fibres and resin", combined in order to "achieve a flawless uniform look on both the flat and curved parts."


Features for the new range include a 2in screen of QVGA resolution. It will support 3G for fast data transfer and will arrive with 4GB of internal memory. A built in camera will be included with a 3.15-megapixel specification along with a LED flash.


As for the price of this little beauty? They're not telling. That's right, you have to ask them. We have a feeling, though, that if you do have to ask, as the saying goes, they'll probably tell you to forget it because you won't be able to afford it.


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