Samsung high-end mobile phones on the way?

Leaked reports have revealed that Samsung is working on two new, high-end, mobile phones.


One of the new phones is, apparently, positioned within the 'S' Series of mobiles. Judging by other designs in the company's 'S' Series, the new phone should be interesting. Yes, Samsung produces low-end models such as the S3310 and mid-range units such as the S5230 and S5600. However, the new release has a high numbered moniker, exceeding even the new S8300 Ultratouch and S8000 Jet. Arriving with a 'S9110' label, there is speculation that this mobile might be a luxury phone to match the current S9402 Ego release, according to the Bluetooth SIG website.


The other news relates to the i920. Known to arrive with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, this phone may sit along the other 'i9' design, the i900 or Omnia as it's more usually known.


No more details have been released as yet - we'll keep you informed when more news is available.


Click to read the Bluetooth SIG story


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