O2 Xda Venn is nifty dual slider

O2's line of rebranded smartphones, Xda, has a new baby - the Pantech Matrix Pro. It - well, its press shots - look pretty slick, and it's a dual slider, up to reveal standard keypad, and sideways to reveal full QWERTY. Cool.


It's also running Windows Mobile 6.1, but we'll forgive it since the Xda line - which includes the Flint and Atmos, both HTC phones with the O2 stamp - tends towards the business/student audience, and we'll admit ol' WinMo is good with MS Outlook.


Specs include a two-meg cam, GPS and HSDPA internet. It's not on sale yet at O2's online shop, but soon, pretties, soon.


Via Engadget Mobile

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