LG's other Black Label mobile phone

Images of another Black Label mobile phone have appeared, in addition to the already announced BL40 Chocolate.


While the world waits for the Black Label mobile phone, the BL40 Chocolate, another Black Label handset has been spotted: the BL42, as it is known, is a smaller, more monolithic design. It's debut appearance was yesterday when it was hiding behind the skirts of the BL40 Chocolate that was spotted in the wild for the first time. However, now it has emerged as a design in its own right and looks mightly attractive in its red livery.


A feature list is pretty short but what we do know is that the new design includes navigation buttons that light up and, sitting above those, a screen packing in 240 x 320 pixels. A built in camera reportedly arrives with a specification of 5-megapixels, according to the Engadget website.


There have been no indications of when the BL42 might be released and, in addition, there are no details on a proposed price.


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