Samsung due to release new mid-range mobile phone

Samsung is due to release a new mobile phone targeted at the midrange market, called the S3100.


While the top of the range mobiles tend to grab the majority of the headlines as they pose, replete with top quality specifications and shiny teeth (stand up Armani 2 and i7500 Galaxy), the rest of us just need a good quality phone to get through the day. Samsung recognises this and is about to release the S3100 to that effect, according to the Cellphone Hits website.


The new phone, which resembles the U600, is based around a sliding configuration. Features include a music player, FM radio, Bluetooth 2.1 for wireless connections to accessories such as headsets, USB 2.0 port and a microSDHC slot to boost the internal memory.


The screen is reported to pack in 240 x 320 pixels. A built in camera is also included but the resolution is unknown at the moment - as is the final price and release date.


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