LG Next Gen Chocolate seen in the wild

The latest in the Black Label series of LG phones, the BL40 Chocolate, has been seen in the wild...as has a strange partner phone.


LG's new Chocolate mobile phone, the latest in the Black Label series of handsets with the startlingly large format screen, has been seen in the wild for the first time, specifically via a German forum. Of all the images that have been released on the new design, one has appeared that features an additional phone that is rather smaller than the BL40. Unknown, at the moment, it is possible that it is another Black Label design. If so, we might best brace ourselves for a whole series of Black Label handsets, according to the Engadget website.


In addition to the already released specification of the BL40, such as the large screen and 5-megapixel camera, the new Chocolate will also include Wi-Fi, a FM radio and 335MB of internal memory along with a microSD card to expand the internal RAM.


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