APP WATCH: Aloqa location-based search for Android

These days, any app deserves a second look if it's beefed up with GPS. Like Aloqa, a GPS-using search that doesn't even require you to do any searching. Instead, it locates the nearest friends, shops, cafes, events such as concerts, and other landmarks to wherever you are, and recommends you things based on preferences and social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.


Check out the video at - it makes a pretty convincing case for just how useful it is to have preference- and location-filtered recommendations.


For now, Aloqa is only available to owners of the T-Mobile G1, HTC Magic and Hero, plus the upcoming Samsung Galaxy. Fret not however, users of other platforms. Aloqa will be made fully available on most major mobile platforms through autumn this year, and will work on both GPS- and non-GPS enabled handsets on any network.


Aloqa has opened a limited beta on Android handsets in USA and Germany; the beta will be available to users for a limited time directly on the Android appstore. For instructions, see

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