O2 launches O2 Money with Natwest

It's not quite the O2 Wallet, but your mobile and money just got a little closer - O2 is partnering with Natwest to launch O2 Money and its first two products, fee-free prepay Visa cards, available by end August.


Both cards are meant to help users manage money, as you won't be able to go into overdraft, and there's a limit to how much you can deposit/withdraw over a year.


Cash Manager is like it says - manage your money by loading disposable income onto it, and leaving the must-not-touch money in savings. You can then use the card to pay at anywhere that accepts debit cards.


Load & Go is aimed at younger people; 'replacement for pocket money' was how O2 put it. Same debit card benefits, but with a lower limit on how much can be loaded and withdrawn.


O2 PAYG and monthly customers able to apply from mid-August on. For full details, check out O2 Money.

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