Sony - to finally reveal new Xperia(s)?

A new Tweet, published by Sony Ericsson, promises a selection of new announcements. Does this mean that the Xperia 2, 3 or 5 - or all of them - is about to be unveiled? If so, there are only hours to go before the unveiling.


Sony Ericsson, which has been in financial trouble and losing its way with an unfocused product line, may finally be about to get back on track as it gears up to make new announcements in the next few hours. Something it was supposed to do on June 17th. However, observers say that the reason nothing happened then was because Samsung got in first with its Omnia II and Omnia Pro announcements.


Reports say that Sony Ericsson is not only about to release details of the new Xperia 2, which has featured on this site more than once, but that the rumoured Kiki is, in fact, the Xperia 3 and that the new 'Rachel' handset is none other than the Xperia 5.


We will see.


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