Orange goes Green

Orange has announced that it will be shrinking its SIM packaging with a view to saving essential resources.


Known for its green initiatives, including the Power Pump mobile charger, Orange has now decided to address the SIM card. Any declaration which includes the term 'miniSIM' triggers alarms that the familiar SIM card will be shrinking in size. The term is a misnomer, however. The miniSIM doesn't so much address the size of the SIM itself but the credit card-sized container that a current SIM arrives in.


After a new SIM is prized out of a container cards, the container 'frame' is useless. So why have them so big in the first place? Orange is now going to do something about it by shrinking the container size by half. Trials are already underway via the company's PAYG service.


Tom Alexander, CEO of Orange UK, said: "Orange has recently made some significant changes in becoming a more sustainable, greener business. For instance, 80% of our energy now comes from renewable sources, customers are encouraged to recycle handsets in our stores, and we've committed to a universal mobile phone charger. Ultimately our goal is to have no waste involved in providing new Sims and to use organic materials. This is just one small but significant step further in that journey of reducing the environmental impact of our business for our customers."


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