BlackBerry Onyx 9020 images leaked

BlackBerry is on the march again. No sooner has the BlackBerry Storm 2 reappeared on the scene with a new list of specifications and we are still awaiting the launch of the Gemini, then images are seen of another new design, the Onyx. To be known as the BlackBerry Onyx 9020, the handset is notable for the inclusion of an optical trackpad which, co-incidentally, was first seen on the Gemini, according to the BGR website. Other features will include Wi-Fi, 3G, GPS and a display packing in 480x360 pixels.


The included image, which was sourced via the BlackBerry Underground website, shows a new Onyx phone. In the background is a sample of the new Gemini.


A release date into the UK is unknown at this point although many observers say that later this year is a likely target. Reports say that T-Mobile may be the first company to release the phone.


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