Apple's future iPhone developments?

Apple has posted a variety of new patents for its iPhone which may point the way for the future of the iPhone and its attendant operating system.


The developments include real world object identification which sounds similar to Nokia's Point & Find. That is, you point your iPhone at an object and your iPhone will then provide relevant information about it.


Next is face detection and recognition that can be used to control the operation of the phone as well as operate as a form of security for the internal operations of the handset.

Text message filtering allows you to both filter and control various text based communications via your iPhone. Whether that be e-mails, text, MMS, IM and other messages while an improved interface offers smart responses to unsent and unread messages.


Other patents include changing the audio voice type of voice output.


We'll have to see if any or all of these make it to the next version of the operating system.


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