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Nokia is increasing the number of handsets that its free music download service, Comes With Music is available on. We were loaned the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic that is available from Orange, which provides up to 24 months of free download tracks. Here is our definitive guide on how to make the best of it.


Every time you purchase a Nokia Comes With Music device, in the box you will find your unique PIN number as well as an installation DVD that will load the Ovi suite onto your PC. Within the Ovi Suite you will have access to Nokia Photos, Nokia Music, One Touch Access and Nokia Software Updater. It's worth noting that it can take up to 20 minutes to install them all.


Once the installation process has been completed you will be able to open up Nokia Music which is when the real fun and games begin. For first time users, click the 'Join Now' tab where you will be prompted to enter your details, including name and mobile number. Once a member you will simply need to enter your username and password, while clicking on the 'remember me' tab will ensure that you are automatically signed in each time you open up Nokia Music.


Music can be downloaded from either your PC or your mobile, with tracks transferable between the two. We have to admit we found it a far smoother transition in downloading music to our PC, though both processes took around 30 seconds to download a three minute track. You can also listen to a 30 second sample of a song before you choose to download it, though the fact the tracks are free bodes the thought why not live a little and download it anyway.


Let's be honest, even our favourite albums include tracks we can live without, which is why we applaud the fact that though you can search via albums, you can pick and choose your favourite tracks thus creating a shorter, but more enjoyable album. As well as searching via album name, you can also search for tracks via artist or track title. With over six million available there's plenty to choose from. Nokia has also divided them into different genres, with everything from New Age to Latin Music. There's also a list of the Top 40 singles and album charts, new releases and a 'Rediscover' list, which details an ever changing selection of hits from yesteryear.


While using the service on your PC you can switch between the store and your music by clicking on the corresponding tabs at the top of the screen. When downloading with your phone you will need to come out of the music store and go into your music player in order to play the tracks. However, you can make and receive calls while downloading, though the track will in affect be paused until your call has ended.


To transfer tracks from your PC to your phone and vice versa, it's simply a case of dragging and dropping them onto the relevant domain while your handset is connected to the PC via the boxed in USB cable. In order to burn your tracks onto a CD you will need to purchase the DRM (digital rights management) from the Nokia Music Store for a fee of 79p per single to £7.99 for an album.


However, stick to playing your music on your Nokia phone and PC and you can literally build up your music collection into the millions. Nokia will even let you keep all of your music once your service expires. A generous sentiment to cap off an excellent music service.




What if I get a new PC?

All your music can be transferred from one PC to another every three months. In addition, once your subscription has expired, users can continue to do this as well as register a new Nokia mobile.


Can I renew my Comes With Music service once it has expired?

No. The only way to continue using the service is to purchase a new Comes With Music device.


Can I share my files?

Tracks and playlists can be shared, but only with other Comes With Music users.  

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